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Can you get motilium over the counter

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The elimination half-life of domperidone is prolonged in severe renal impairmentFor repeated administrationthe dosing frequency of Motilium should be reduced to once or twice daily depending on the severity of the impairmentThe dose may also need to be reduced.

Domperidone should be used at the lowest effective dose in adults and children.

Since the elimination half-life of domperidone is prolonged in severe renal impairmenton repeated administrationthe dosing frequency of Motilium should be reduced to once or twice daily depending on the severity of the impairmentand the dose may need to be reducedSuch patients on prolonged therapy should be reviewed regularlysee sections 4.4 and 5.2)

Domperidone is associated with a small increased risk of serious cardiac side effectsThe UK Commission on Human MedicinesCHMhas concluded that products containing domperidone meet the requirements for prescription-only supplyTherefore people need to have a medical assessment before taking domperidone to determine if it is suitable for them.

Here are 5 common questions answered about the use of Motilium to increase supply when breastfeeding.

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