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Arava 10 mg price in india

Pregnancy and breast-feeding do not use arava if you are pregnant.

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Information about Arava.

Use of an accelerated drug elimination procedure will rapidly reduce plasma concentrations of leflunomide and its active metabolite.teriflunomide. Therefore.an accelerated elimination procedure should be considered at any time after discontinuation of ARAVA.and in particular.when a patient has experienced a severe adverse reaction (e.g..hepatotoxicity.serious infection.bone marrow suppression.Steven Johnson Syndrome.toxic epidermal necrolysis.peripheral neuropathy.interstitial lung disease).suspected private caravan sales adelaide.or has become pregnant. It is recommended that all women of childbearing potential undergo an accelerated elimination procedure after stopping ARAVA treatment.

Gender . Gender has not been shown to cause a consistent change in the in vivo pharmacokinetics of teriflunomide.

Take this medication by mouth with or without food.usually once daily or as directed by your doctor. Take this medication exactly as prescribed. You may be instructed to take a higher dose for the first 3 days of treatment.

Private caravan sales adelaide you stop taking leflunomide .you may need to be treated with other medicines to help your body eliminate leflunomide quickly. If you do not undergo this drug elimination procedure.leflunomide could stay in your body for up to 2 years. Follow your doctor’s instructions.

Drinking while taking Arava can harm the liver. Patients taking this medicine are advised to stop drinking and avoid alcohol.or at private caravan sales adelaide very least.significantly reduce their consumption of alcohol.

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