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Veterinarians may prescribe clindamycin to treat the following conditions in dogs or cats when they are caused by dangerous bacteria. Skin infections Deep wounds Abscesses Tooth infections A serious bone infection called osteomyelitis.to try to prevent bacteria from spreading into the bloodstream.

Why is topical clindamycin phosphate (Cleocin T.Clindagel.ClindaDerm.Clindets.Evoclin) prescribed cleocin generic name patients?

Clindamycin Generic Name Questi wonder if sigal took the lyme vaccine while cleocin was available?

Do not store CLEOCIN or any other medicine in the bathroom or near a sink. Do not leave it on a window sill or in the car.

Gastrointestinal. Abdominal pain.pseudomembranous colitis.esophagitis.nausea.vomiting.and diarrhea (see BOXED WARNING ). The onset of pseudomembranous colitis symptoms may occur during or after antibacterial treatment (see WARNINGS ). Esophageal ulcer has been reported. An unpleasant or metallic taste has been reported after oral administration.

Endocarditis. Recent AHA guidelines recommend only for invasive procedures in high-risk patients.

Clindamycin topical may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide.

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